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Monday, February 2, 2009


Well I'm sick. Like flu or cold sick. Coughing a lot, blood sugar stays high without eating. Sucks because I have a ton of work to do but need rest. Seem to have more work than ever, which is good. Just need to start billing. Not getting any writing done. Manage to get a chapter read every couple of days in the Simon R. Green book, Just Another Judgement Day (Nightside, Book 9). Scene in it actually made me tear up. It was a brutal scene not expected in a Nightside book.

Watched THE HOUSE BUNNY last night for some mindless entertainment. Got a couple of good laughs out of it.

So I watched the Super Bowl for the first time in probably a decade. Had no intention of doing so, but got drawn in by the fact that stuff was actually happening. I grew up in Philadelphia going Eagles games and basically being a jockish kid until I stopped growing in 4-5th grade. Kind of hard to keep up with playing sports when everyone is getting a lot bigger while I'm staying forever in the body of a child. So I moved on and pro sports became fairly meaningless to me. But I've always appreciated good plays and just a good game in general. I don't like the way pro athletes act. One of the main reasons for my not liking pro sports, but I do like things like the Olympics. Most amateur athletes doing a sport for the for themselves and competition. Dedicating themselves to an ideal not a paycheck.