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Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Official...

For the first time in 24 years I'm unemployed. I've only had 3 main jobs in my life, Winn Dixie when I was 17 for 3+ years, Peaches Music for 5.5 years and then DeFalco ad agency where I've been for almost 15 years. The company is basically done for and they let me go today. I keep--almost--getting upset. I knew this was coming, but wasn't expecting it today. Kind of a relief as it means it's time to move on and focus on doing something different. Problem is this economy sucks and it may not be easy to just simply get another job, especially making what I did there and have the freedom and schedule I did there as well. SO things are kind of scary right now.

I think I will head to Seattle for a week or two and visit my dad and grandmother. Dad lives at the base of Mt. Ranier and I think I could stand to stare at the mountains for a little while and breath in some cold air. Recharge, chill out and come up with a plan. Maybe get some more writing done. Even just starting to write again would be good.

Need to focus on publishing and get books out to keep income coming in.

The owner of the ad agency is going to keep paying my insurance for me so I don't lose it. But who knows how long the company will remain standing. Everyone is supposed to start working from their homes in November. I don't think that will last long since they just lost their other huge client, a dealership chain like Bill Heard that is folding too. My boss and Krista are going to be working out of my boss' house. That's scary itself.

Everything is a mess, but I pl;an on DJing tonight so hopefully it won't be dead ans suck. But I know next week will be good. Then I'll probably be gone for a few weeks. We'll see.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First review of THE FALLEN

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Circling the Drain

So the client we were hoping would save the company, Bill Heard Chevrolet, just closed all its stores. So, it basically means I will be out of a job any day now. They were supposed to be our shining hope, but the meeting on Friday produced nothing and now we know why.

Also, the owner's brother pulled all his clients out of the company this week. This after just last week he told me it would be a few months before he would do that.

So, the company is circling the drain and I will be fucked. I will probably be let go tomorrow. Major suckage.

I may be able to find another job, but not making the money I did here. This is going to be rough.

Monday, September 22, 2008

If only I were gay I'd of thought I was in heaven!

So I came to on Friday afternoon on my couch with five paramedics around me, sensors all over my chest and stomach, an IV in my left arm and my upstairs neighbor standing there wondering what the fuck was going on.

Seems sometime after noon I called my boss to explain why I wasn't at work yet, but apparently it came out more like a bunch of grunts, mumbling and slurred words. Then I just hung up on her. So her and Krista were obviously concerned and called 911 and sent them to my condo.

Here's what I remember... Calling Heather................waking up on the couch.

Once I was coherent enough to realize the paramedics GOT IN somehow I freaked thinking they busted the door down. But seems as though I answered the door. Don't remember it. Krista got Lynn's phone number somehow and my boss called her and seems as though I talked to Lynn while the paramedics were working on me. Don't remember it. It's a really fucking weird feeling to have an hour you don't remember.

So what caused the fun? Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. I was so pissed and embarrassed. I've been having problems with this since the surgery. Basically it bottoms out while I'm sleeping. I came home from the club and my blood sugar was at 170, which is where I want it when I'm out. So fine. I ate some oatmeal, 30 carbs which equals 120 blood sugar points, which would have brought my level to 290 which is high, but because of the issues with it dropping and the fact I had two drinks WAY early in the evening and alcohol lowers blood sugar, I didn't take any insulin which should have kept the level high until morning. Obviously it didn't. I KNOW the fucking math. Why the hell did this happen again?

I felt like such an ass. The paramedic said not to stress it because they see this all the time, like a couple of times a week. I'm just glad the firehouse is literally across the street from me.

I'm also really grateful for Heather and Krista calling 911 for me. Probably saved my life. Going to the diabetes doctor on Wednesday and I'm going to try and figure out what the fuck is up with oatmeal lowering my blood sugar so drastically. I've adjusted my insulin pump's hourly rate down some and the levels have been higher, but I'm too afraid to eat oatmeal late at night until I know what the hell is up.

I have a nice giant bruise on my arm where the IV was to remember it all by for a little while at least.

In other news:

Watching the Emmys was a painful experience. I kept having to change the channel as some of it was so uncomfortable. Like the LAUGH-IN thing. JESUS!!! Don Rickles' speech was the only funny thing in it. I didn't like the way they cut off people who were making political statements.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Awesome Mix

This mix fucking goes off.

Has a lot of different sounds in it. Very cool.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Just went grocery shopping and it was easier than before the surgery. YYYay! Little bit of a twinge in the new hip and had to lean on the cart heavily, but still, pretty good. Not as exhausting. Neat.

Living back in my condo again. Living at mom's was actually pretty good especially since she did everything for me, but got to get back to my life.

Start back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. Two months away was a really nice break and spoiled me. Plus I don't want to have to deal the bad vibe and uncomfortable shit going on there. Normally I like working there, it's laid back, but because of the shakes ups and money issues I think it's going to be lot more stressful.

Le sigh.

I think I'm actually going to cook tonight. Woohoo!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Went to see the surgeon today. Apparently I'm healing fine and my new hip is moving all properly and stuff which it wasn't before. So it comes down to my arthritis slowing my walking recoup down. I need to build my stamina up as walking just a little is extremely exhausting. They gave me another lift to put in my shoe to level me out. I think I'm just so used to favoring the left leg that I need to get past it and force myself to walk normally on both legs. Still, because of my deformities and aforementioned arthritis it's going to take a while before I'm ready to get back to my life. Oh well.

Tried to do a normal thing and went to the movie. Weather made walking even more miserable, but I did it. Regal in Winter Park sucks if you're handicapped because the spaces are on the side and they only have 5. Five!!! for a huge place like that. Assholes.

Saw TROPIC THUNDER and it was AWESOME! Robert Downey Jr. was amazing. First Stiller movie I've liked right away since SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. It usually takes me a couple of views before I start to like then love some of his movies like ZOOLANDER and MYSTERY MEN.

This rain is crazy. Even when the hurricanes came through 4 years ago it didn't rain this much. Hopefully it let's up before I drive to Kissimmee to meet up with my friend Chuck. He started his own law practice about 4 months ago and is doing really well because he's been focusing on foreclosures. Good for him but a bad sign of the economy.

Well, that's about it. Nothing exciting. Sorry.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Update

Doing better. Left the house a couple of times this week. Felt ripped off from Beefy King the other day. Sandwiches are awesome but expensive and if you order a large combo it only means the sandwich is large not the drink and tots which pissed me off.

Got my bandages completely off the incision so I looked at it in the mirror... Scary and long. Like at least a foot long.

Weird pains in the new hip area. Not sure if it's muscles suddenly being used again or something else.

Finally sleeping longer thanks to the Ambien. I took the shit in the hospital and it didn't work at all, but when I ran out of my usual OTC stuff I tried one Ambien and passed out cold for 7-8 hours. First time in almost a month. Think my body stills needs more sleep, but this is a good start.

Was having major issues with the diabetes which made me feel like shit with upset stomachs which led to being depressed and easily upset. I'm was riding it like crazy but just couldn't seem to keep it down. Was taking 2 to almost 3 times the insulin I should normally have to whenever I eat. Seems like whenever I do a new pump connection the levels are good for a day or so then go to hell again like the insulin is bad. Increased my hourly dose and hoped that has helped. The surgeon said the Cortisone shot would affect my blood sugar and so did the nurse that came to the house, but no one said for how long. But this new pump connection seems to be working well and my levels have been decent.

Mom's been really great about getting me my favorite foods. Shewent to the Hard Rock Casino and then shopping today but she freaks out about leaving me alone. She wants me to have a friend over to daveysit. I ended up in bed all day anyway. No problems.

My friend Scott helped me on Sunday, going to my office to pick up all the books that have come in since I've been gone the past month and then we went to my condo where he helped me box up my orders. Was trying to avoid it until the 6 weeks is up, but they're running out of books and getting pissy so I needed to get them all these books since I'm directing everyone who comes to my site to Amazon.

My print rep at the printer I use just has his hip replaced last past week too. Mad at myself for not knowing the date and forgetting to call him before he went in.

Doing freelance design when I can which is good because after that bullshit pay cut at work I need the income badly now. Have to start paying my HOA fees in October.

So I've actually been calling some of these doctor and medical places and questioning the bills and some of them actually tell me to forget about them or set up payments for me which is nice. Shit added up quick and that doesn't even include the hospital shit that I know will be coming in soon. I will be broke soon. Annoying.

Still battling occasional depression bouts. Happen whenever I'm in pain or feeling off. I feel useless at times. Still have no drive to write or read. Did some music stuff, but not much.

Not sure how this walking thing is going to work. Have two more weeks at mom's but I think that may extend some. My leg is really weak and I've tried walking on it and it's just not right. Concerned as to how long this recovery will ACTUALLY take.

Well, that's it for now. Since the blood sugar has been really good, gonna have a little piece of French Silk pie and watch EUREKA's season premier.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Doing a lot better. I can actually leave the house and go out to eat. Just have to deal with manhandling this huge cyber-walker. Very exhausting, but worth it to be able to get out. Mom took me to Il Pescatore Friday afternoon and I felt like my life was coming back to normal just a little more.

Doc took the staples out on Monday and incision is doing fine. Still have a little over 3 weeks of being at my mom's. Sleep is still messed up. Can only sleep in 3 hour stints. I'm allowed to lay on my incision side, but it feels weird so I'm stuck with just the right side which gets sore after only a few hours. Hopefully that will get better soon.

Should get my first disability check next week which will be nice. Everything is covered bill wise, but some income would relieve the mind some. more.Found out I took a 20% pay cut at the ad agency while I was in the hospital. SUCKS, but at least I still have a job. I really wish the people in my company who make a shitload of money would fucking start earning that money and get new clients and bring in more money.

Currently working on a new podcast. So far, so good. Should be live early in the week.

Haven't done any writing or reading yet. No real drive to. Did get my music files in order and got my fonts on my desktop machine straightened out. As a designer I love fonts, but they can be the bane of my existence at times. Machine is running faster now.

That's about it. Gonna go back to bed for a few hours.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back From First Post-Op Appointment

Just got back from the surgeon where I had my staples removed and got a Cortisone shot in my good hip because the Bursitis in it has been bad. Everything looks good and my recovery is coming along quickly, although I'm not allowed to put a lot of weight on the new robo-hip do to my soft bones and the hip needing to set right. Gonna be 4-5 weeks before it will set.

So news is good. Still uncomfortable a lot of the time and not sleeping well at all. Sleeping in 2-3 hour shots which isn't good. Keep pulling things trying to avoid standing on the new hip, so get all this other pain. Percosets are helping with that.

Going to start focusing on little jobs here and there: organizing music files, making a new podcast, etc. Hopefully over the next 4 weeks I'll get a lot done. We'll see.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Came home yesterday at around 3:30 and promptly passed out for 5 hours. Hadn't really slept in almost a week because of the pain and the hospital waking me every 2 hours.

So I'm at my mom's for the next 5 weeks. Gonna be rough, but better than being in the hospital by a million times.

Sage like words for everyone...

Don't take your legs or even health for granted. Be glad you can move and dance. I have to use this mega walker thing that basically carries my weight. Takes me minutes to walk 10 feet. Sucks. I can't drive, or leave the house except for doc visits. So take care of yourself and legs. Not being able to walk, get in and out of bed, shower, etc. is horrible.

Work on being healthy, because I saw too many people this past week that showed me what happens when you don't take care of yourself. Strokes aren't pretty. Getting old isn't pretty. Although there was this 90+-year-old lady in the group sessions who was pretty damn cool.

This whole situation has been pretty brutal and still is, but I know it will get better. Just have to be patient and not do anything stupid.

So everyone go out tonight and dance and celebrate the fact you can. Do it for me because I can't.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Been a rough day. HOSPITAL Day 7

I've decided to try and keep a more detailed account on my day here. Something to do and may benefit someone. This isn't going to be one of those "Buck up. Things will be sunnier tomorrow" BLOG threads. Because I don't feel that way. At all. Will it get better, most likely. But today I got pretty fucking down.

They just tried to move in a roommate to my hospital room. I got it averted. I told them if they move someone in I'm checking out. I expressed that I'm am the most miserable I have ever been. I'm depressed and uncomfortable. I haven't slept in days. I have an emotional meltdown at least once and hour and sharing a room with someone will basically put me over the edge. So the charge nurse goes to see what she can do. After a few minutes this other nurse who took care of me the other day comes in all smiles and says, "So they're moving my father-in-law in here soon." I found this to be a pretty shitty ploy. I didn't fall for it and said, "I'm sorry but I really don't want a roommate because I'm miserable and unhappy and about to snap." So I got the room to myself for tonight. But not without a guilt trip to make me feel shittier than I already did.

I want to leave now. I can't stand this. I have never been this miserable. I think I would be better off at my mom's. I'd be happier and in a better frame of mind for recovery. Right now I feel this place is keeping me from getting healthier faster because I am so fucking uncomfortable.

Problem is my friggn' legs are swollen. They tested for clots today and it was negative. Beyond the legs I don't see why I have to stay here. I'm supposed to have a physical therapist come to the house every day anyway.

Here are some pics of what the blood butchers have done to my arms. They look worse in person, trust me. Left arm:

and the right:


K, I'm back. I just got some Percoset and shot of something in my gut which hurt like a BITCH! I think it's a blood thinner. Last time I got one of those last week it didn't hurt that bad.

I feel better right now. My nurse is really nice. A nice nurse definitely helps things around here. One that will listen for a bit. Some of these nurses really suck. They do the bare minimum they have to and seem bothered that they're there. Anyway, tonight's nurse, Cathy, told me I can arrange a garden date and have someone bring my dog up and I can play with him outside. I really want to see my baby boy. She also gave me some chamomile tea to try and calm me.


Back again. They just tried to drop off someone in my room. I think I calmed down enough because I was just gonna let it go, but someone yelled at them that they're in the wrong room. WHEW!

I have been walking since Friday with the aid of this mega walker. I thought I was doing well and was being told I was until the boss Physical Therapist worked with me today and showed me I was doing it wrong, putting too much weight on my new hip. So when I adjusted things got a hell of a lot harder and I wasn't as cocky as I had been. Because my bones are soft and the weird shape of my freak body, it will take longer for the implant to take and settle properly, so no major weight, just what they call placement weight. Then I have to put all my weight onto the walker, step my good leg up even with my recovering leg, then repeat. PAIN IN THE ASS and SLOW! Brutal and exhausting.

I had to go to this rehab group today. I believe the next youngest person after me was at least 35 years older than me. The 90+ lady next to me was pretty damn funny. She had a great attitude that I wish I had some of. She was just as much of smartass as me.

Then I came back to my room and they had food for me and I wasn't hungry. Told them all I wanted to do was sleep. I was told earlier all I had to do was say that and they would leave me alone. Apparently leaving me alone meant someone knocking on my door every 10 minutes for the next 3 hours and bugging me even when I played dead. It was ridiculous. I finally got someone to leave and stick up a sign saying DO NOT DISTURB. That lasted 15 minutes until the boss Physical Therapist showed up again and made me get up. CHRIST!

More exhausting therapy.

Then I finally got to rest and then the damn blood woman shows up to draw more blood. I asked her if she was sure because no one told me about it. She says yeah. Then proceeds to do one of the most painful blood draws I've had since coming here.

Then the doctor comes in. I ask him about the bloodwork and he knows nothing about it. So he goes off, comes back and still has no idea. So I say it better work for whatever the hell he needs tomorrow because I'm tapped.

He leaves and my mom shows up. She's there for 5 minutes when another nurse comes in and says I have to go get an ultra sound. No one knows why. I figure no big deal, they don't hurt. Well, BOY was I WRONG. They were doing it to see if I had clots in my recovery leg. Only in order to do it she had to make my leg go out to the side which it really can't thanks to the surgery, then I had to hold it there for 15 minutes while she proceeded to JAMB and STAB the ultra sound gun into my groin and then down my leg. I cried through the entire thing. It was horrible.

We come back upstairs. My mom says she'll be back. I think she went to yell at the doctor for not knowing what was going on. She came back and hadn't found him. I could tell she was upset, then knew it when she said she needed to go home. I feel really bad for my mom. She may be worried as to whether or not she can handle taking care of me. I think we'll be fine, but it wont be easy.
I pooped today, finally. Apparently this was important. LOL Cause of a lot of stress among the doctors and nurses.

Basically been sitting here for the past 3-4 hours watching TV and trying to get through this post. Feeling much better right now. Hope I can sleep.

I just want to go home.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Well, apparently I almost died again.

Man this surgery was brutal. The replacement went fine then the kidneys went to hell and almost killed me. Potassium levels went through the roof and my creatinine (sp) went to 4.5. Which is BAD. I've gone to a kidney doctor for 2.0 level for years, so this was horrible. Basically poison. Down in the 3.0+ now thanks to all the fluids they pumped through me, kind of like the thing they do with cats. Narrowly avoided dialysis. Horrible tasting drinks that made me puke all over my mom/nurse and room, enemas, and other fluids got the bad out.

Coming through it, but I'm so fucking depressed and in pain. Plus they're making me stay in the hospital basically through next week because of all the stuff that has gone wrong. Just had a complete and utter meltdown with my nurse. She's super nice and seems to really care. She told me I need to let go and JUST REST. Stop worrying about doing anything important. Just sit back, watch TV, movies, read and chill. She asked me if I wanted to pray with her. And if this tells you anything about where I'm at right now, I almost took her up on the offer. Seriously, that's huge for me since I turned my back on God 18 years ago when I watched my grandfather die of cancer after having beaten Leukemia 15 years before.

I finally got them to yank the Folley catheter tonight and that alone was a major relief. I couldn't believe the tube i my schwang was that thick. So things should get better, but right now it's rough...really rough.

I suck at typing on this new laptop. Good thing here is I turned my laptop on and BINGO connected to the wi-fi here instantly. So at least U feel somewhat connected to the world again. So for those who have called and left messages or sent text messages, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Hopefully with the above description You can see why I haven't been answering. I even had my mom tell people not to come around because on Tuesday Stefan, Krista and Lynn were all here and I completely lost my shit then suddenly couldn't breathe. So had to ask them to leave because I was freaking out. So getting back to people should be more consistent.

Monday, June 16, 2008

More Medical Pains in the Ass

Jewett Orthopedic is charging me $8 to fill out a form for my shirt-term disability. Seriously, these doctors are fucking nickel and diming me to death. Or more like $5-$20 me to death.

Fucking hospital tried to get $700+ out of me last week until I asked them what happened to the damn $250 I gave them right before the original surgery date. I said, first off I'm not supposed to have a goddamn co-pay to begin with, and I could never get you guys to answer me later when I inquired what the original $250 was for and now you want $700 something, not happening. The guy was like, oh, ok, yeah, you did pay that. We'll just let it go and see what comes up later. THIEVES! If you do not pay attention, they will fucking rape you. I still have never received a proper answer for what the first $250 was for.

I've paid a number of bills this year mostly for the CT scans and MRIs, etc. and then suddenly get a refund check back. WHY DO THEY KEEP CHARGING ME WHEN I APPARENTLY DON'T OWE? You should never pay a medical bill immediately because chances are your insurance company is fucked and not handling things properly or quickly enough so it may get taken care of before you pay. But then the hospital/doctors/what-have-yous send you a bill every week and it starts to get confusing if you don't keep track of the specific invoice number or procedure date. It's all massively fucked up. Yes, getting money back is nice, but I don't want to have t pay you period if I don't have to.

Good thing I remembered the short-term disability forms today, because it could take a while for this to get taken care of, as usual.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's a date!

So the surgery is on for July 1st. Oh yeah.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Looks like they're finally rescheduling my surgery. Dates offered were June 17th and July 1st. I told them the 1st would probably be better as it's ore realistic in terms of getting things in order. Two weeks is too soon. So hopefully this time next month I'll have anew hip. YEAH!

Watched NATIONAL TREASURE 2 last night. It was alright. First one was better. The ease with which they break into maximum security facilities is laughable though.

[SIGH] Summer TV season is here and none of my fav shows of the summer have started yet: BURN NOTICE, PSYCH, EUREKA. Slim pickens.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nuclear Testing

So the doctor who promised me last week that he would sign off on my surgery called me Friday and said I needed to get a nuclear stress test on my heart before he would sign the damn paper. I was usual. Keep in mind, I've never had any problems with my heart. NEVER!

Make the appointment. Two days of testing, two hours each day. Went for the first day today. Shot me with some radioactive isotopes and then sent me off to eat something fatty for an hour. Went to Mimi's Cafe since it was close. Half a patty melt and some fries and I head back. Lay on this machine like and MRI machine and have this camera slowly rotate around me taking pictures of my heart. Very uncomfortable since I can't lay on my back like that for long and my hip started hurting like a mother.

Got to go back tomorrow for another shot, more eating I think, then an I.V. and more pictures. THEN...I have to wait another week to see the heart doctor to go over everything.

This is just tedious.

Funny thing about today was the Heart Group is in the old Peaches Records & Tapes building in Altamonte. Which got me thinking, I started working at Peaches on Colonial 20 years ago this week making $3.50 an hour. JESUS! Twenty years ago. I also started working in the registrar's office at UCF the same week. That one didn't last. Christ I hated that job. But I stayed at Peaches for 5 1/2 years. That was a great time of my life. Lots of new stuff and priorities, but still just a kid at 21.

Which brings me to something. Twenty years ago was probably one of the best times of my life. But I have no need to relentlessly try and recapture it by ONLY listening to the music I did then or trying to live my life like I did then. I find it pathetic when people do this. Unfortunately I see this constantly working at the club. And, I guess that's how the club survives. But this is why I don't like to play old music. A track here and there is fine, but centering on only old stuff is just ridiculous to me. And those who want that just cannot evolve. It's truly sad. It's like by constantly listening to the same music they can magically be transported back to a time before all their dreams died when they ran into a wall of mediocrity and banality.

These are probably the same people who got pissed off at their parents for making fun of them for the music and trends they liked 20 years ago and now they do the same thing to today's youth. Their music is stupid, they dress stupid. Play The Cure so I can dance to it for the 1000th time.

Yes, I really loved my early 20s, but what I do now is what will define me. What I do now is infinitely more important. The future is good, evolution is good, progress is good. Step out of that narrow-focused little bubble YOU put yourself in 20 years ago and do something now.

It's 2008...

Oh yeah, and there's a Barabarella Reunion on the 25th. [cough]

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

For christsakes!

I'm going to start keeping a written record here of the bullshit I've been going through to get this damn surgery back on track.

April 15th:

I saw the anesthesiologist and got final approval from him for my surgery. There were some concerns about my neck and rheumatoid arthritis. When he finally explained it to me it made sense why they needed to check things out. Only problem is, no one explained anything to me up to that point. He's in the same office as my surgeon so I thought it would be handled quickly and I'd get a new surgery date.

April 25th

I still haven't heard from the surgeon. So I call and find out they're still waiting on clearance from my medical doctor concerning my blood pressure. Ten days later and no one had fucking called me to tell me this. So I immediately fax over the papers to my medical doctor.

May 1st:

I call the surgeon's office to find out if they ever got the approval from my med doc. They still have yet to call me.

May 5th:

I call my med doc and ask the nurse what's up. She tells me there is a note in the computer from my med doc that says I have to see one of two other docs for an evaluation for my blood pressure. This again, is 10 days after I initially faxed the papers to him. And again, NO ONE contacted me to tell me this. The nurse tells me it was up to me to call. NO, you assholes!, you get paid a ridiculous amount of money, you call me. JESUS!

So I make an appointment for the 8th. This, theoretically, should be the last step. But I've been saying that a lot and it never is.

This whole thing has been one huge nightmare. Everyone covering their asses because no one wants to be culpable if something goes wrong. Basically so the surgeon can point fingers. And it also seems like everyone is trying to get others in on the take. Spread the money around to more buddies. I realize this is a very cynical look at this, but I bet there is some validity to it.


Friday, April 25, 2008

My Playlist on Fairtilizer!

I just put together a playlist of various tracks on the Fairtilizer music site. It's about 20 songs. Most of it is electro, funk, psychedelic and indie pop stuff as their industrial selection blows unless you liked slow, experimental electronic stuff.

So go check it out if you're interested in other styles of music. If all you want to hear is stompy industrial, then skip this. You can also sign up and create your own playlists. It's interface is super user friendly.


Friday, April 18, 2008


Stolen from Lisa:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

KPer Bites it HARD!

What's New?

So I got the final clearance for my surgery from the anesthesia guy on Tuesday. So looks like all that is left is to reschedule which they seem to be taking their time about.

Haven't been sleeping well this week. Wake up a lot. I feel pretty good, but am completely beat by the time I get home from the office.

Designed a book for a client. Was having a hell of a time with the cover as the cover art was SOOO busy. But finally got it to a cool level. Not what people refer to as a "Dave Barnett" cover, but it'll do. I just can't work with some artists stuff for some reason. Not saying it's bad, just hard to do a text treatment with it.

Got some more writing done this week. Just a little. I pretty much worked out this new novella all the way to the end in notes and in my mind. Just need to get it on paper. But, I don't seem to have much drive to do anything right now. I bought this new laptop and barely use the thing. Don't think I've turned it on in over a week. Not even playing WoW that much since I got my shaman to 70.

Got my old friend Chuck, he's a lawyer, coming over to finally get my will and living will all in order for the surgery. That should be nice and weird. Growing up is scary.

Wish I could go out to the club more. Need to be around people sometimes. Maybe Saturday since I'm getting my hair did Saturday afternoon. Appears the guy who's been cutting my hair for 10 years moved. That's kind of annoying. But the guy doing it this weekend has done it before and he's always done a great job, so no concerns.

I saw this woman in Starbucks yesterday who was amazingly gorgeous it stunned me. I see a lot of pretty women having been in the club business for 20 years. But rarely does a woman just shock me with her beauty. The guy she was with seemed to be a complete tool. Shame.

New Kids in the Hall Sketch!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Safe, but for how long...

Looks like I made it through another layoff at the agency. Although apparently my name did come up. Very nerve wracking. My blood pressure is all high.

It's not even the losing of the salary as much as it would be losing the insurance. I'd be completely and utterly fucked.

So looks like I'll have to actually do more at work, which is fine with me. That was making me nervous anyway. Stayed until 10 tonight getting something done. Came home and sat down and the next thing I knew it was an hour later. Out fucking cold.

If we lose both our big accounts on the edge, I may still lose my job. We need some goddamn new accounts.

Things in the office not good today.

There some definite weirdness going on around here in the office today. My boss is on the verge of tears and there's lots of closed door stuff going on and solemn faces. I went in and asked her what was up and she said she couldn't tell me. I asked her if looked bad for me and she just shook her head so I don't know if that is she can't say or I'm fine. Either way I'm pretty on edge right now. She assured me last week that if she was forced to lay someone off it would be the other artist, not me. But it seems like something bad happened, so not sure.

I heard the owner telling his brother how he got kicked out of Bill Heard Chevrolet in Orlando. One of our biggest and oldest clients.

And now I see the media buyer in the office across from mine putting her stuff into boxes. I like her. She's got three kids too.

This fucking sucks.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

So the setup for Blogger was SOOO easy and I love how clean it looks. Although the anal retentive side of me would like everything boxed off. Lynn has one on there and it doesn't look like any of the templates so I'll ask her at some point if she ever stops traveling from her new job long enough to meet up. ;^)

Done nothing so far this weekend. Supposed to to do some DeFalco work. First time in 14 years I had to bring work home. My choice, but when they hand you 100 cars to input on Friday at 4:45 and it's not due until Monday, fuck it, I can do this shit at home.

Looks like my birthday party/dinner is at Il Pescatore on Primrose Thursday night at 8PM. About 10 people coming so far. Gonna try and hit the club for at least a little while afterward since my friend Scott is driving me. Can't get drunk. Not after that experience a month ago. Scared the shit out of me.

My cleaning service fucking SUCKED! So I'm calling and raising hell tomorrow.

But my car detailer was fucking flawless as always. I love Maurice!

Got some new Doc Marten sneakers that RULE and one pair that will once I adjust them a bit. They're slipons for when I finally get my surgery as I'm not allowed to bend down but also have to wear shoes I can't slip out of like sandals. My Fred Flintstone feet are too fucking fat and they need to be stretched.

Need to get my hair did BAD! Maybe next Saturday before Adrian's birthday party.

Tax return came in already. SWEET! Need to get it out of my checking account so I don't spend anymore of it.

Figure I'll use my $600 payoff money from Bush to buy a new iPhone as by the time the money actually gets here the new 3G ones will be available.

TIme t go get fud. A feel a grease attack coming on.

My new book is now available for pre-order!

My new book is now up for pre-order!

Book 1: Awakenings
By David G. Barnett


They rescued him from the streets and with their help he has become the world’s greatest assassin. So much death, so much blood, but it all ends after this one final job. Just one more death and Mal will finally get what was promised him so many, many years ago.

Jonas White is a powerful man, an empire builder. He commands adoration and respect from everyone who meets him. He is a good man, does good things. But now he’s also a marked man. He knows destiny is banging on the door. What will happen when he opens it?

Two men fated to meet each other on one cataclysmic evening. An evening when secrets will be revealed, loyalties will be tested, old grudges settled and new ones made. This is just one stop along a long road. A road that leads back to where it ALL began so very long ago.


He wanted revenge for an atrocity committed so many years ago. Back when his world collapsed around him with a single knock on his door.

But that was then and this is now and revenge is at hand. Years of planning, years of blasphemous dealings and terrible actions have led to this moment. He has worked for decades to be able to summon the demon of revenge and now he’s ready. Tonight he will demand the demon grant his one wish and all this will finally be over.

But Travis Burnsfield will soon find out that the demon of revenge has other plans for the evening. Plans that involve Starbucks, cheese steaks and a trip to the infamous Painfreak where many creatures go, all with very different hungers. Like a hunger that can only be sated by the sorrow of a tired old man who just wants revenge for something taken from him so very long ago.


The old man hadn’t been here since... Well, he couldn’t really remember. But what he did know was that it had changed. Changed so much. His heart was heavy at seeing the destruction and knowing what it all meant. But he didn’t have time to mourn. No, he had to move on.

He had placed them here so long ago, but over time he grew careless and forgot to keep track of them. But the time has come for him to track them all down. Things had changed and now he needed their help. It was time to seek out the others and awaken them...awaken his army. He only hoped they wanted to be awakened and wanted to help him. It would take some time. But after all, time was all he had right now.

David G Barnett offers up the beginning of what will hopefully be a long series of novellas and shorts centered around the battle for heaven. These first three tales are fast-paced, funny, raunchy and poignant. Barnett’s world comes to life with horribly flawed characters that you will like or hate, but won’t forget, abominable creatures and visions of Heaven and Hell that will begin to pave the way for more tales to come.

Limited Ed. Hardcover
-- Limited to only 350 copies
-- Signed and Numbered
-- Intro by Edward Lee
-- Signed by Edward Lee
-- Illustrations by Travis Anthony Soumis
-- Only available thru Necro and specialty bookstores.

Deluxe Edition
-- 26 Copies
-- Signed and Lettered
-- Intro by Edward Lee
-- Signed by Edward Lee
-- Sign by Travis Anthony Soumis
-- Will contain a bonus book of color artwork by a number of the best fantasy artists around.
-- Housed in an ultra deluxe metal case that will connect with the following FALLEN collections. Gonna be badass!

Punkass Edition
-- This is the version only available thru Amazon and distribution.
-- No intro
-- No art
-- Case wrap cover
-- No signatures
-- Will cost more than the limited due to Amazon’s huge discount. So buy the limited. :^)
ISBN-10: 1-889186-21-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-889186-21-4

And so it begins...

Figured I'd start an official public blog to go along with my official website starting up,

I've had a LJ for years, but I like to keep that private. So let's see if I can keep this up well enough.

TIme to go set things up properly.