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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Circling the Drain

So the client we were hoping would save the company, Bill Heard Chevrolet, just closed all its stores. So, it basically means I will be out of a job any day now. They were supposed to be our shining hope, but the meeting on Friday produced nothing and now we know why.

Also, the owner's brother pulled all his clients out of the company this week. This after just last week he told me it would be a few months before he would do that.

So, the company is circling the drain and I will be fucked. I will probably be let go tomorrow. Major suckage.

I may be able to find another job, but not making the money I did here. This is going to be rough.

1 comment:

Tara_Julia said...

I'm supposed to be working on my blog, and got distracted reading your blog. Better than nighttime TV. *sips coffee* Okay. Back to my work.