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Sunday, April 6, 2008

So the setup for Blogger was SOOO easy and I love how clean it looks. Although the anal retentive side of me would like everything boxed off. Lynn has one on there and it doesn't look like any of the templates so I'll ask her at some point if she ever stops traveling from her new job long enough to meet up. ;^)

Done nothing so far this weekend. Supposed to to do some DeFalco work. First time in 14 years I had to bring work home. My choice, but when they hand you 100 cars to input on Friday at 4:45 and it's not due until Monday, fuck it, I can do this shit at home.

Looks like my birthday party/dinner is at Il Pescatore on Primrose Thursday night at 8PM. About 10 people coming so far. Gonna try and hit the club for at least a little while afterward since my friend Scott is driving me. Can't get drunk. Not after that experience a month ago. Scared the shit out of me.

My cleaning service fucking SUCKED! So I'm calling and raising hell tomorrow.

But my car detailer was fucking flawless as always. I love Maurice!

Got some new Doc Marten sneakers that RULE and one pair that will once I adjust them a bit. They're slipons for when I finally get my surgery as I'm not allowed to bend down but also have to wear shoes I can't slip out of like sandals. My Fred Flintstone feet are too fucking fat and they need to be stretched.

Need to get my hair did BAD! Maybe next Saturday before Adrian's birthday party.

Tax return came in already. SWEET! Need to get it out of my checking account so I don't spend anymore of it.

Figure I'll use my $600 payoff money from Bush to buy a new iPhone as by the time the money actually gets here the new 3G ones will be available.

TIme t go get fud. A feel a grease attack coming on.

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