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Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's New?

So I got the final clearance for my surgery from the anesthesia guy on Tuesday. So looks like all that is left is to reschedule which they seem to be taking their time about.

Haven't been sleeping well this week. Wake up a lot. I feel pretty good, but am completely beat by the time I get home from the office.

Designed a book for a client. Was having a hell of a time with the cover as the cover art was SOOO busy. But finally got it to a cool level. Not what people refer to as a "Dave Barnett" cover, but it'll do. I just can't work with some artists stuff for some reason. Not saying it's bad, just hard to do a text treatment with it.

Got some more writing done this week. Just a little. I pretty much worked out this new novella all the way to the end in notes and in my mind. Just need to get it on paper. But, I don't seem to have much drive to do anything right now. I bought this new laptop and barely use the thing. Don't think I've turned it on in over a week. Not even playing WoW that much since I got my shaman to 70.

Got my old friend Chuck, he's a lawyer, coming over to finally get my will and living will all in order for the surgery. That should be nice and weird. Growing up is scary.

Wish I could go out to the club more. Need to be around people sometimes. Maybe Saturday since I'm getting my hair did Saturday afternoon. Appears the guy who's been cutting my hair for 10 years moved. That's kind of annoying. But the guy doing it this weekend has done it before and he's always done a great job, so no concerns.

I saw this woman in Starbucks yesterday who was amazingly gorgeous it stunned me. I see a lot of pretty women having been in the club business for 20 years. But rarely does a woman just shock me with her beauty. The guy she was with seemed to be a complete tool. Shame.

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