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Monday, April 7, 2008

Things in the office not good today.

There some definite weirdness going on around here in the office today. My boss is on the verge of tears and there's lots of closed door stuff going on and solemn faces. I went in and asked her what was up and she said she couldn't tell me. I asked her if looked bad for me and she just shook her head so I don't know if that is she can't say or I'm fine. Either way I'm pretty on edge right now. She assured me last week that if she was forced to lay someone off it would be the other artist, not me. But it seems like something bad happened, so not sure.

I heard the owner telling his brother how he got kicked out of Bill Heard Chevrolet in Orlando. One of our biggest and oldest clients.

And now I see the media buyer in the office across from mine putting her stuff into boxes. I like her. She's got three kids too.

This fucking sucks.

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