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Friday, August 22, 2008


Went to see the surgeon today. Apparently I'm healing fine and my new hip is moving all properly and stuff which it wasn't before. So it comes down to my arthritis slowing my walking recoup down. I need to build my stamina up as walking just a little is extremely exhausting. They gave me another lift to put in my shoe to level me out. I think I'm just so used to favoring the left leg that I need to get past it and force myself to walk normally on both legs. Still, because of my deformities and aforementioned arthritis it's going to take a while before I'm ready to get back to my life. Oh well.

Tried to do a normal thing and went to the movie. Weather made walking even more miserable, but I did it. Regal in Winter Park sucks if you're handicapped because the spaces are on the side and they only have 5. Five!!! for a huge place like that. Assholes.

Saw TROPIC THUNDER and it was AWESOME! Robert Downey Jr. was amazing. First Stiller movie I've liked right away since SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. It usually takes me a couple of views before I start to like then love some of his movies like ZOOLANDER and MYSTERY MEN.

This rain is crazy. Even when the hurricanes came through 4 years ago it didn't rain this much. Hopefully it let's up before I drive to Kissimmee to meet up with my friend Chuck. He started his own law practice about 4 months ago and is doing really well because he's been focusing on foreclosures. Good for him but a bad sign of the economy.

Well, that's about it. Nothing exciting. Sorry.

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Tara_Julia said...

OMG, I love Zoolander. I just the saw The Mummy. I REALLY liked it afer the disappointment of the second one. But then again, I love POTC which you weren't thrilled with.

I feel for the foreclosures that people are suffering - we could have easily been in that boat -best advice for people: DON'T jump to buy a house with the first crappy loan deal you can get. AND if you do an adustable rate mortgage in the beginning, BE SURE to re-finance quickly to a fixed rate so you don't suffer the ups-and-downs of the economy with your house bill - you'll suffer enuff with other bills in life, so do whatever you can to keep the almighty roof over your head!!

So, this is YOUR blog about your recovery, so here's to YOUUUUU, DAVVEEEEE!!!! I personally like your blogging. Besides keeping me updated on my friend's health, they're fun and funny to read, too.