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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Update

Doing better. Left the house a couple of times this week. Felt ripped off from Beefy King the other day. Sandwiches are awesome but expensive and if you order a large combo it only means the sandwich is large not the drink and tots which pissed me off.

Got my bandages completely off the incision so I looked at it in the mirror... Scary and long. Like at least a foot long.

Weird pains in the new hip area. Not sure if it's muscles suddenly being used again or something else.

Finally sleeping longer thanks to the Ambien. I took the shit in the hospital and it didn't work at all, but when I ran out of my usual OTC stuff I tried one Ambien and passed out cold for 7-8 hours. First time in almost a month. Think my body stills needs more sleep, but this is a good start.

Was having major issues with the diabetes which made me feel like shit with upset stomachs which led to being depressed and easily upset. I'm was riding it like crazy but just couldn't seem to keep it down. Was taking 2 to almost 3 times the insulin I should normally have to whenever I eat. Seems like whenever I do a new pump connection the levels are good for a day or so then go to hell again like the insulin is bad. Increased my hourly dose and hoped that has helped. The surgeon said the Cortisone shot would affect my blood sugar and so did the nurse that came to the house, but no one said for how long. But this new pump connection seems to be working well and my levels have been decent.

Mom's been really great about getting me my favorite foods. Shewent to the Hard Rock Casino and then shopping today but she freaks out about leaving me alone. She wants me to have a friend over to daveysit. I ended up in bed all day anyway. No problems.

My friend Scott helped me on Sunday, going to my office to pick up all the books that have come in since I've been gone the past month and then we went to my condo where he helped me box up my orders. Was trying to avoid it until the 6 weeks is up, but they're running out of books and getting pissy so I needed to get them all these books since I'm directing everyone who comes to my site to Amazon.

My print rep at the printer I use just has his hip replaced last past week too. Mad at myself for not knowing the date and forgetting to call him before he went in.

Doing freelance design when I can which is good because after that bullshit pay cut at work I need the income badly now. Have to start paying my HOA fees in October.

So I've actually been calling some of these doctor and medical places and questioning the bills and some of them actually tell me to forget about them or set up payments for me which is nice. Shit added up quick and that doesn't even include the hospital shit that I know will be coming in soon. I will be broke soon. Annoying.

Still battling occasional depression bouts. Happen whenever I'm in pain or feeling off. I feel useless at times. Still have no drive to write or read. Did some music stuff, but not much.

Not sure how this walking thing is going to work. Have two more weeks at mom's but I think that may extend some. My leg is really weak and I've tried walking on it and it's just not right. Concerned as to how long this recovery will ACTUALLY take.

Well, that's it for now. Since the blood sugar has been really good, gonna have a little piece of French Silk pie and watch EUREKA's season premier.

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Jim said...

Hey Dave. Feeling fucked up after surgery is normal. Keep your mind on the fact that this is a process you are going through. This is not the END!!! Getting out of the painful moment and taking a long view is important. And taking a deep breath!!
I love the stuff you publish and am looking forward to TALES OF THE FALLEN. Keep it up, man