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Monday, July 14, 2008

Back From First Post-Op Appointment

Just got back from the surgeon where I had my staples removed and got a Cortisone shot in my good hip because the Bursitis in it has been bad. Everything looks good and my recovery is coming along quickly, although I'm not allowed to put a lot of weight on the new robo-hip do to my soft bones and the hip needing to set right. Gonna be 4-5 weeks before it will set.

So news is good. Still uncomfortable a lot of the time and not sleeping well at all. Sleeping in 2-3 hour shots which isn't good. Keep pulling things trying to avoid standing on the new hip, so get all this other pain. Percosets are helping with that.

Going to start focusing on little jobs here and there: organizing music files, making a new podcast, etc. Hopefully over the next 4 weeks I'll get a lot done. We'll see.

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