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Monday, May 5, 2008

For christsakes!

I'm going to start keeping a written record here of the bullshit I've been going through to get this damn surgery back on track.

April 15th:

I saw the anesthesiologist and got final approval from him for my surgery. There were some concerns about my neck and rheumatoid arthritis. When he finally explained it to me it made sense why they needed to check things out. Only problem is, no one explained anything to me up to that point. He's in the same office as my surgeon so I thought it would be handled quickly and I'd get a new surgery date.

April 25th

I still haven't heard from the surgeon. So I call and find out they're still waiting on clearance from my medical doctor concerning my blood pressure. Ten days later and no one had fucking called me to tell me this. So I immediately fax over the papers to my medical doctor.

May 1st:

I call the surgeon's office to find out if they ever got the approval from my med doc. They still have yet to call me.

May 5th:

I call my med doc and ask the nurse what's up. She tells me there is a note in the computer from my med doc that says I have to see one of two other docs for an evaluation for my blood pressure. This again, is 10 days after I initially faxed the papers to him. And again, NO ONE contacted me to tell me this. The nurse tells me it was up to me to call. NO, you assholes!, you get paid a ridiculous amount of money, you call me. JESUS!

So I make an appointment for the 8th. This, theoretically, should be the last step. But I've been saying that a lot and it never is.

This whole thing has been one huge nightmare. Everyone covering their asses because no one wants to be culpable if something goes wrong. Basically so the surgeon can point fingers. And it also seems like everyone is trying to get others in on the take. Spread the money around to more buddies. I realize this is a very cynical look at this, but I bet there is some validity to it.


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