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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nuclear Testing

So the doctor who promised me last week that he would sign off on my surgery called me Friday and said I needed to get a nuclear stress test on my heart before he would sign the damn paper. I was usual. Keep in mind, I've never had any problems with my heart. NEVER!

Make the appointment. Two days of testing, two hours each day. Went for the first day today. Shot me with some radioactive isotopes and then sent me off to eat something fatty for an hour. Went to Mimi's Cafe since it was close. Half a patty melt and some fries and I head back. Lay on this machine like and MRI machine and have this camera slowly rotate around me taking pictures of my heart. Very uncomfortable since I can't lay on my back like that for long and my hip started hurting like a mother.

Got to go back tomorrow for another shot, more eating I think, then an I.V. and more pictures. THEN...I have to wait another week to see the heart doctor to go over everything.

This is just tedious.

Funny thing about today was the Heart Group is in the old Peaches Records & Tapes building in Altamonte. Which got me thinking, I started working at Peaches on Colonial 20 years ago this week making $3.50 an hour. JESUS! Twenty years ago. I also started working in the registrar's office at UCF the same week. That one didn't last. Christ I hated that job. But I stayed at Peaches for 5 1/2 years. That was a great time of my life. Lots of new stuff and priorities, but still just a kid at 21.

Which brings me to something. Twenty years ago was probably one of the best times of my life. But I have no need to relentlessly try and recapture it by ONLY listening to the music I did then or trying to live my life like I did then. I find it pathetic when people do this. Unfortunately I see this constantly working at the club. And, I guess that's how the club survives. But this is why I don't like to play old music. A track here and there is fine, but centering on only old stuff is just ridiculous to me. And those who want that just cannot evolve. It's truly sad. It's like by constantly listening to the same music they can magically be transported back to a time before all their dreams died when they ran into a wall of mediocrity and banality.

These are probably the same people who got pissed off at their parents for making fun of them for the music and trends they liked 20 years ago and now they do the same thing to today's youth. Their music is stupid, they dress stupid. Play The Cure so I can dance to it for the 1000th time.

Yes, I really loved my early 20s, but what I do now is what will define me. What I do now is infinitely more important. The future is good, evolution is good, progress is good. Step out of that narrow-focused little bubble YOU put yourself in 20 years ago and do something now.

It's 2008...

Oh yeah, and there's a Barabarella Reunion on the 25th. [cough]


C. Dennis Moore said...

Hey, if you gain super powers from the radiation, that would be fucking AWESOME.

Otherwise, I hope everything goes well.

Sean said...

Whoa, this thing already knows my name...

I agree with the music thing; people do need to evolve a bit more and not pigeonhole their musical tastes to stuff that came out 20 years ago. Being an elitist like that is just plain ridiculous and, not too mention, really annoying.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the last time I was in New Orleans, it looked like they were opening a Peaches Record shop in the French Quarter with the same sign and everything. Didn't think they were around anymore, anywhere.