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Monday, June 16, 2008

More Medical Pains in the Ass

Jewett Orthopedic is charging me $8 to fill out a form for my shirt-term disability. Seriously, these doctors are fucking nickel and diming me to death. Or more like $5-$20 me to death.

Fucking hospital tried to get $700+ out of me last week until I asked them what happened to the damn $250 I gave them right before the original surgery date. I said, first off I'm not supposed to have a goddamn co-pay to begin with, and I could never get you guys to answer me later when I inquired what the original $250 was for and now you want $700 something, not happening. The guy was like, oh, ok, yeah, you did pay that. We'll just let it go and see what comes up later. THIEVES! If you do not pay attention, they will fucking rape you. I still have never received a proper answer for what the first $250 was for.

I've paid a number of bills this year mostly for the CT scans and MRIs, etc. and then suddenly get a refund check back. WHY DO THEY KEEP CHARGING ME WHEN I APPARENTLY DON'T OWE? You should never pay a medical bill immediately because chances are your insurance company is fucked and not handling things properly or quickly enough so it may get taken care of before you pay. But then the hospital/doctors/what-have-yous send you a bill every week and it starts to get confusing if you don't keep track of the specific invoice number or procedure date. It's all massively fucked up. Yes, getting money back is nice, but I don't want to have t pay you period if I don't have to.

Good thing I remembered the short-term disability forms today, because it could take a while for this to get taken care of, as usual.

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